Our company is currently the automobile dealer group with the largest number of agent brands in various regions. It owns more than 30 mainstream Chinese and foreign automobile brands including BMW, Cadillac, Haval, Skoda, Great Wall, Jeep, Geely, Chery, BYD, Toyota, etc. Its products cover various market segments such as high luxury brands and economical models, providing our customers with a wealth of car options.
At the same time, it provides one-stop after-sales and pre-sales services such as auto finance, auto decoration, auto parts, and boarding and licensing to make it more convenient for customers and more efficient for car purchases. Continue to extend brand services and brand value, provide customers with a high-quality car purchase environment, and also provide professional quality assurance.

We cherish every friend who trusts and chooses us, and have established loyal partnerships with a total of more than 2.3 million customers. Buying a car is no longer just a “one-shot deal”, we have paid more sincerity,  and strive to create a better car system life service experience.

As one of the earliest pioneers to focus on the export industry of automobile operations, it integrates famous car trading, automobile boutique, maintenance center, auto parts boutique, automobile vehicle export, and financial institutions to interpret a creative automotive lifestyle. Adhering to the service concept of “high quality, affordable and noble”, we have created a consumer-centered service model; it not only brings consumers a wealth of choices like a sea of famous cars, but also makes car consumption more fashionable and trustworthy. The company pursues excellent development and is committed to providing customers with a more professional and honest service model. It stands out from the automotive companies and has become a leader in China's automotive industry.

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Comprehensive Inspection & Preparation Certification:
 The quality inspection department strictly verifies every detail of the vehicle, combines insurance and maintenance records, and passes 360 tests and certifications in 8 categories, and scientifically evaluates to ensure that it meets the rigorous requirements in terms of safety, appearance and performance. If it does not meet the German third-party testing standards, the vehicle will be returned immediately. Through the preparation of craftsmen, high-quality service, and quality assurance, the company can bring customers the same value of service.

National Layout:
The national layout has kicked off with the trend. At present, the company has automobile warehouses in Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi'an and other places to promote the export of automobile vehicles along the Belt and Road, and an all-round integrated famous car service chain of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales, allowing customers to easily enjoy a pleasant life of famous cars.

Product Logistics Delivery:
Provide global logistics services, can be delivered to any destination port and railway station, proficient in operating automobile transportation, and diversified solutions

China -- Russia/Central Europe/Central Asia by Rail or Car transportation delivery.
China -- Europe, America/Middle East/Southeast Asia/Africa by Sea Delivery.